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Why Operations should be a Priority for SMEs

  Nov 8, 2012

Kenya’s Mid-Sized Companies 2012 attended a breakfast session at Strathmore Business School on Tuesday 6th November 2012 themed ‘Operational Excellence for Sustainable Growth’.

The key speaker was Prof. Alejandro Lago, Associate Professor specializing in Production, Technology and Operations Management at IESE Business School, Spain. Prof. Lago stated that the first starting point for SMEs should be the sales followed by the operations. In order to achieve sustainable operations, companies should define the right value proposition, make the operations robust and strive to continually improve.

Companies should identify and evaluate their customer’s value and understand the value proposition in terms of cost, range and convenience. Companies should also evaluate the capacity bottleneck and what customers can do for free.

Prof. Lago urged the attendees to establish a sustainable culture of improvement by instilling an order-no blame-solution oriented employee culture.

Strathmore Business School is the knowledge partner of the Top 100 Mid-Sized Company Survey.

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