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Understanding Business Landscape opportunities in the devolved government

  May 9, 2014

There has been a lot of talk about Kenya’s newest way of governance. Some say the Kenyan republic is not quite ready for it while others are more curious to understand what it is about and how they can make a killing from it.

To better understand this new phenomenon in Kenyan governance (devolution) the expertise of Kinuthia Wamwangi the chairman of the Transition Authority, was sought after.

Mr Wamwangi gave his talk to the AMP 2014 class as he shared his vast experience as a chairman and as a leader. According to Mr. Wamwangi the new constitution of Kenya brought power and resources closer to the people. The Devolved System was created while having the citizen’s best interests at heart and with the intent of taking Kenya to greater heights.

Mr. Wamwangi best understands the system of devolution, having been a local government administrator and town clerk for Thika and Nyeri.

The opportunities that come with the Devolved System are vast therefore investors and entrepreneurs have more options to choose to engage with any of the 47 counties, the national government or even both.

Out of devolution some of the already recognizable frontiers for investment would include the highly anticipated Konza Techno polis, also known as Konza City, the Primary School Laptop Project and most recently International Teleport (Exchange Point) in Mombasa among others.

To be able to fully exploit these opportunities that are already within each citizen’s reach the former Deputy Director of Africities Summit (2006) encourages county competitiveness which will pave way for new markets and partnerships. He also emphasized that it is also very important to involve the neighboring East African Countries by allowing activities from border counties to overflow to the East Africa region.

Holding a Bachelor of Laws from University of Nairobi and a Masters of Law from the University of Leicester Mr. Wamwangi could not stress enough the importance of building a legal framework to enhance business confidence within the counties, the country and the region.

With Kenya being one of the highly taxed nations in the world, Mr. Wamwangi recommended that the new tax regime in the counties requires harmonization, rationalization and uniformity.

He identifies the ease of doing business as another factor of making devolution work in the country’s favor. This could be made possible through providing more efficient service in order to improve rankings.

Mr. Kinuthia’s advice to all is ‘Invest! Invest! Invest! while you can because the opportunities are there and only you can stop yourself from building a bright future.’

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