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UAP + SBS: Weighting on Shared Values

  Nov 7, 2011

The new Ultra-Modern SBS campus has yet again received a cash donation towards its successful completion. James Muguiyi and James Wambugu, Group MD and MD of UAP Insurance and UAP Kenya Ltd. respectively, signed and presented the contract to Dr. Edward Mungai, Dean of SBS, who was accompanied by Dr. Charles Sotz, University Secretary of Strathmore University.


During the welcome address to the two (2) principals of UAP Insurance, Dr. Mungai acknowledged and appreciated the continued support that UAP has accorded SBS through its participation in various executive programs aside this noble donation. He identified that both UAP and SBS have shared values in as far as innovation is concerned, highlighting UAP’s presence in South Sudan as is the case with SBS and the Government of South Sudan in as far as capacity building through executive training is concerned. South Sudan is a key growth region that both UAP and SBS have ventured in their respective capacities.


Dr. George Njenga, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Quality Assurance at Strathmore University, intermittently gave insights as he moderated the entire session. At this point, Dr. Njenga mentioned other leading business school such as Harvard Business School, London Business School and IESE Business School as having been built predominantly by the private sector as business school answer to the business needs of the industry. He pointed out that Kenya stands as a light to other East and part of Southern African countries as a contributor to Africa’s transformation. Until 2005, there had been no player in the industry, in as far as business education is concerned and he appealed to UAP, whose vision is to be Africa’s revolutionary financial services company, to continue its good work even as the future holds more opportunities for both organisations to work together. Mr. Wambugu reinforced this by saying that the challenge has been transforming theory into practice and stressed the importance for partnerships such as this to address this challenge.


Mr. Muguiyi remarked on how grateful and honoured he was to be part of the SBS expansion programme. He admitted that there has been a new way of thinking and commitment as characterized by the new working culture of the employees who have been through the SBS programs. “…I have sent most of my board members to SBS and I must say some are over 70 years of age and they were transformed. I don’t know if it was the ethics that did it…” he added.


The ceremony culminated in the signing of the contract between the two companies, by Dr. Mungai and Dr. Sotz from Strathmore and James Muguiyi and James Wambugu of UAP.

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