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Turkana Governor’s Mission to Transform County

  Feb 25, 2014

When you hear that the Governor of Turkana is in the area, many people have different thoughts running through their minds. In fact a colleague jokingly said. “You can smell the oil that has made the county famous“.
Turkana, being the largest (by geographical span) county in Kenya, is bordered in the west by Uganda, South Sudan, and Ethiopia to the north. Last year over 600 million barrels of oil were discovered in northern Turkana, raising the prospects of Kenya becoming an oil producer.

A few months later, massive underwater reservoirs that could meet the entire country’s needs for at least 70 years were then discovered indicating that northern-central Turkana is home to a reserve of 250 billion cubic metres of water, potentially Africa’s biggest freshwater underground source yet.
These grand discoveries could transform the region’s economy and solve a water scarcity problem that has long exacerbated droughts, malnutrition and conflict. The region’s Governor Josephat Nanok Koli is already brainstorming and setting up a Think Tank on how to channel the resources of oil revenue when production comes on stream in 2015 to ensure economic development of the county. His quest for education, he hopes, will become the fuel to develop his County.

Currently pursuing an MBA at Strathmore Business School , Governor Nanok had always wanted to go back to further his studies, but due to sibling commitments, it became impossible.

With a vision to transform his county, his community has now come to appreciate education now with the current resources that they hold, certain that oil will be the second highest revenue contributor in the country. He hopes that the community realizes that education provides the help needed to impact change.

He urges fellow Governors not to limit themselves to just an undergraduate degree, but to strive further for a higher degree.

“They can be doctors and even professors. But depending on the line of work that they will be involved in, it is critical for them to pursue education in the areas that they study in so as to effectively perform the responsibilities that have been allocated to them.”

The Governor says his need to go back to school was awakened during the SBS Great Africans’ Getaway golf tournament last year where he was invited as a guest speaker to talk about Turkana and the investment opportunities for business leaders

“That is where I found out about the Modular MBA program. I knew right then that it was tailored to my needs. This motivated me to want to learn more about business so as to be an all-rounded governor who understands the business environment and the factors influencing businesses in order to link the private sector with the County Government.”

The Governor had great admiration for Strathmore ever since he was a campus student.

“Strathmore Business School and Strathmore University has offered the best business courses since its inception; I used to admire the accountants being produced. I also have colleagues who studied here and have recommended this institution to me. It is the only business school in Kenya that is offering modular systems that allow professionals who are working out of Nairobi to be able to enroll for post graduate studies. This is the place to be.”

The Governor appreciates the professionalism and the friendliness portrayed by the SBS managers, lecturers, and colleagues, and cites it as a good environment for learning.

Mr. Nanok urges more universities to begin offering short courses on oil and gas, particularly to raise the manpower for Turkana in preparation for the next phase that the country is moving towards.

With his county dreams set in place and positive steps being taken to see it rise up, he hopes that through learning, knowledge shall be applied so that Kenyan Governors can become better managers and leaders.

Mr. Josephat Nanok Koli, Governor, Turkana County

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