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Towards a Coaching Culture?

  Feb 28, 2020

Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker. This statement reveals the importance of culture in organizations. It is argued that any company neglecting the two (culture and strategy) is slowly dying, noticed or unnoticed. Culture is at the heart of every organization.

For human capital to remain engaged and retain connectivity to the mission and the vision of the organization, coaching and culture must echo throughout the organization. Culture is the personality and identity of an organization.

Research in this area shows that the following steps are necessary to embed a coaching culture:

  1. Start from the Top

Simply begin top-down. A coaching culture works well when cascaded from the senior management downwards. Organizations with an enhanced coaching culture report over 60% of Senior managers have buy-in and are involved in coaching systems. People learn through modeling; as seniors embrace it, the others will naturally follow.

  1. Continuous learning

We are in an agile environment. The term disruption in the work environment has become more common. Organizations must foster a culture of learning among their staff to ensure they remain connected. Learning should be followed by the application of the skills. The environment around an organization should be enabling for the inculcation of the values caught.

  1. Develop Safe Space for Accountability

The question of responsibility has been seen as a ‘monkey’ for Managers alone. This is a shift that a coaching culture addresses. According to HR Daily, the beauty of coaching is developing a workforce of people who feel supported in their abilities to make decisions and own their choices. An accountability system encourages employees to take ownership of their performance and encourages managers to take ownership of how they coach others.

What is the way forward?

Strathmore Business School Coaching service has distinguished itself as a Coaching Service provider, helping organizations rethink their organizational culture in the East Africa Region and in Africa. We customize bespoke programmes on coaching, specific to the unique needs of an organization. Additionally, we invite anyone interested to join this journey of transformation to consider being a certified coach through our certification programme.

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