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The SBS Modular MBA

  Jan 23, 2015

Flexibility, a key requirement in today’s highly complex and competitive business environment, is the reason why the MBA program at Strathmore Business School (SBS) is also offered in a Modular option, apart from the Evening program. Offered in two-week modules every three months, this program combines the busy schedules of participants with a comprehensive learning process.

The MBA Modular program attracts participants from Kenya and beyond. Every day, they engage in lectures and discussions, going through different case studies. These studies off¬er unique opportunities for the theoretical application of new skills, tools and ideas to real-life problems, transforming managers into virtuous leaders.
Prof Mathiew Carenzo, from IESE, a world-leading business school in Spain and key partner of SBS, led the class in analysing Pentagram for a case study.

Pentagram is a world-renowned design consultancy, owned and run by 19 independent and equal partners, with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Austin and Berlin. The firm has a distinctive horizontal structure which has always been in sharp focus. Dr Carenzo moderated the class discussion on the features and structure of Pentagram, factors that had led to its growth and reputation, its competitiveness in the modern economic setting and the challenges it faces.

The case method is the main pedagogical tool of the MBA curriculum at SBS. Case studies are carried out in a way that reflects the spirit of individual focus and attention for which SBS is known. Participants are referred to by their first names. They give their points to an attentive audience. Points are judged by fellow participants. The sessions are intense and in-depth, making for a fulfilling and satisfying learning experience.

To learn more about the Modular MBA program at Strathmore Business School, click here.

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