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The Marketer of The Future: Blending Creativity and Analytics to Drive Brand Growth

  Nov 9, 2018

On Friday 2nd November 2018 Strathmore Business School (SBS) held the 4th Annual Marketing Roundtable themed, The Marketer of The Future: Blending Creativity and Analytics to Drive Brand Growth. SBS roundtable targets the 4th, 3rd and 2nd year students, it is organized to bring them and the industry professionals together with the sole aim of discussing emerging trends/issues affecting the field of marketing and sharing insights on being ready for future career opportunities.

During this year’s marketing roundtable, discussions were centered on the pressing need for marketers to efficiently use data in the creative and brand building exercises. Industry professionals are expected to share insights on how the most critical skills that future marketers should possess to be competitive in the information age.

The panel consisted of Quinter Odongo – Commercial Director, Endeleza Sports, Antony Esyalai – Brand Building Director, Unilever, Lizz Ntonjira- Communications Manager WEC Africa, IBM and Serah Mwikali Katusia- Managing Director, MediaCom Africa. Areas under discussion included: agency (advertising and digital marketing) retail and brand marketing, sports marketing, public relations and communications, data analytics and technology (market research, emerging technologies in marketing. Coach Thrity Engineer moderated the panel through discussions centered on marketing. The panel noted that people often have the perception that marketing is fun. There is a lot of work that is put into place before an actual event happens, marketing is fun so long as there is value in it.

Marketers need soft skills; “Creativity sparks the consumer” – Serah Mwikali, marketer’s need to be creative enough to ensure that their campaigns stand out among the competition, one can acquire creativity skills through practice.

You cannot run a successful campaign without technology, you may need tools that will assist in monitoring the success of a campaign. Cultural sensitivity helps you to be more effective, to give customers what they need, and enables us to learn and understand people who are different from ourselves, thereby becoming better able to serve them within their own communities. Being innovative, being able to network, being flexible and versatile are among key skills the panel emphasized on.

The panel noted marketing trends and what the marketer of the future needs to look out for: Technology, Emotional Marketing, Date aspect, Micro-trends, Digital Disruption, AI and machine learning, Social Disruption, Content, Social Media trends. Strathmore University organizes the Marketing Roundtable every year.


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