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Strathmore University Staff Complete Module 2 of the Leadership Advancement Programme (LEAP) Online

  Jun 12, 2020

The Strathmore University LEAP programme is a Customised Programme for Strathmore University team leaders & managers. Strathmore University commenced this programme in 2019 and has trained 3 cohorts so far. The fourth cohort is currently being trained having completed module 2 successfully online. 23 managers and team leaders have completed the second module online, which completes the academic component of the programme.

The programme had successfully run the first module physically in March 2020. However, training was briefly interrupted by COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown. Strathmore successfully continued the training virtually which was well received by participants. The programme schedule was modified to suit a virtual approach and all participants were able to deal with this admirably.

For the second module, faculty delivered training online. On top of that, virtual coaching complemented and enhanced the sessions. The success of this training showcased the agility of the Strathmore Faculty to deliver excellent online training. The final element of the programme is for the various groups to complete an action project and thereafter, graduation will be held.

All leadership programmes will have a strong emphasis on ensuring that participants receive information and reinforcement as to Strathmore values, the Strathmore way, and spirit.

The Leadership Academy is strongly driven by the Management Board with active participation from Dr. Vincent Ogutu. He was also able to provide valuable insights on how the values of our university assist us in dealing with the current COVID-19 crisis and how they will continue to equip employees with the fortitude to face all future challenges.

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