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Strathmore Contributes to the National Family Policy

  Dec 14, 2018

Strathmore University, on 6th December 2018, participated in a forum organized by the Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social Protection to discuss the draft National Family Promotion and Protection policy.

The policy, which was spearheaded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, is designed to outline a framework for the implementation and monitoring of programs to ensure the protection and support of the family, in order to enable it to play effectively its role in the country’s development.

Moreover, The National Family Promotion and Protection Policy has the following key ideas:

  1. Enhance the caring, nurturing and supporting capabilities of families so that their members are able to contribute effectively to the overall development of the country
  2. Develop the capacities of families to establish social interactions that contribute towards promoting a sense of community, cohesion and national solidarity
  3. Empower families and their members by enabling them to identify, negotiate and maximize socio-economic and other opportunities available in the country
  4. Enhance programs that support persons with disabilities and other vulnerable family members to participate in every sphere of society
  5. Monitor and evaluate the State of the Family periodically through research
  6. Mainstream interventions that promote and protect the family in all policies, strategies, programmes and projects

Strathmore University was represented by Raymond Mutura of the Centre for Research on Organizations Work & Family (, Dr. Jane Wathuta, the Director of the Institute for Family Studies and Ethics and Luis Borrallo from the Community Services Centre ( The three pledged and committed to live up to the research demands of the policy and collaborate with other stakeholders of the University fraternity in the development of the State of the Family Report.

The National Family Promotion and Protection Policy document can be found here.

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