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Strathmore Business School Senior Lecturer, Main Discussant of The World Development Report 2016

  Feb 5, 2016

The World Development Report 2016 was launched in January 2016, Washington, with Senior Lecturer Dr. Monica Kerretts sitting on the panel chaired by the President of Estonia. She got the opportunity to travel and witness development issues surrounding the attainment of the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). The report focuses on how ICT can be part of spearheading the component of development.

The Africa road show will be taking place on 9th February, 2016 in  Nairobi, soon to be replicated in Addis Abba, Dar salaam, Pretoria Gaborone and Capetown (For the East and Southern Africa Component). The Europe road show and Western Africa also begin right after.

The Nairobi event kicks off with a closed door meeting with ministers and an open door panel at iHub, where she is also a discussant in the panel.

Here is the link to download the report. To register for the event click here.


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