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Strathmore Business School Joins the Prestigious Global Network for Advanced Management

  Dec 8, 2017

Strathmore Business School has been admitted to the Global Network for Advancement Management (GNAM). GNAM promotes exchange between professors, students, and alumni, as well as in research on issues of global business. It also supports project work between students as part of a global team and organizes traditional exchanges such as the Global Network Weeks, through bi-annual events, students can attend lectures and courses at other member universities.

Additionally, the business schools cooperate on data collection projects and on research that influences the practice of business. Participating schools also agree to co-develop case studies that incorporate specialized regional expertise.

The network is a platform for innovation in business education, enabling students and aspiring global business leaders to practice working globally while tapping into the unprecedented resources—including expertise, relationships, and access to data—offered by 31-member business schools in 27 countries. The member schools strive to connect its community to leverage the Network as a platform for innovation in business education.

The Global Network enables the development of innovative initiatives that leverage the schools’ comparative advantages representing a shift beyond traditional partnership models of business school collaboration, This is achieved through leveraging network efficiencies, utilizing new technologies, building strong institutional and personal relationships, and operating with a minimum of bureaucracy, the Global Network is having a transformational effect on students, member schools, management education, and beyond.   

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