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Strathmore Business School Joins NGO in Fight against Cancer

  Sep 30, 2016

Strathmore Business School’s Institute of Healthcare Management has partnered with Women 4 Cancer Early Detection and Treatment (W4C) NGO to fight against cancer by increasing awareness of Cancer during the cancer awareness month of October.  This partnership entails activation sessions to educate the public and the Strathmore fraternity on the different types of cancer, detection and prevention strategies. Cancer prevention offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy in the fight against cancer. In Kenya, cancer is the 3rd highest cause of morbidity with 7% of deaths per year after infectious diseases and cardiovascular diseases. According to the World Health Organization, at least one-third of all cancer cases are preventable and one-third are treatable if discovered early, yet

Kenya records 39,000 new cases of cancer each year with more than 27,000 deaths per year. 60% of Kenyans affected by cancer are younger than 70 years old. These are probably people who make it to the health centers and are properly diagnosed as cancer patients. Majority of people in communities do not know that some cancers can be prevented and often, a cancer diagnosis is taken with trepidation, because many people assume it will lead to death.

The activation sessions which will entail weekly articles on the website will aim at:

  • Demystifying cancer and creating awareness on prevention and early detection.
  • Identifying Strathmore community champions who will influence behaviour change by informing communities on the disease.

Click here to read the first article: Debunking Cancer Myths.

About W4C

Women 4 Cancer Early Detection and Treatment is an NGO formed in 2012 to raise public awareness of the benefits of early testing and facilitate early detection and treatment, to reduce the prevalence of cancer.

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