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Strathmore Business School Develops Program set to address Procurement challenges in Healthcare

  Sep 30, 2016

Strathmore Business School’s Institute of Healthcare Management through a partnership with Imperial Health Sciences, a major distributor of medicines and health commodities in Africa developed a program to address key challenges in procurement, purchasing, logistics and distribution of medical supplies.  The Pharmaceutical Commodity Supply Chain Management Program will impart supply chain management skills and knowledge in the public health environment, especially in warehousing best practice to participants. Prof. Gilbert Kokwaro – Director Institute of Healthcare Management affirmed the relevance of the program, by stating that insights regarding the program have indicated that pharmaceutical commodity supply chain management is not just an African problem but a global one.

More than half of the national health budget in most African countries is spent on purchasing medical supplies, consequentially, spending less on development of healthcare service provision. The greatest challenge that continues to plague these African states is poor pharmaceutical warehouse management, which results in medicinal product and vaccine decay and subsequent inefficiencies. As a result, much needed medicines and vaccines do not reach patients in time, leading to poor health services and unnecessary deaths.

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