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Strathmore Business School to Converge Top Health Officials on Universal Health Coverage

  Mar 23, 2018

What are the sustainable and innovative ways of financing and implementing Universal Health Coverage (UHC)? How can the different actors at all levels play their roles in order to achieve the desired impact? E&K Consulting Firm in collaboration with Strathmore Business School – Institute of Healthcare Management will host the inaugural Health Exchange (HealthX) on the topic: “Universal Healthcare Coverage as one of the big four agendas of the government – What Now?” on March 23rd, 2018.

HealthX is an interactive platform that brings together stakeholders (investors, the private sector including SMEs and startups, policy makers, civil society and academia) with an interest in healthcare in Africa to deliberate and surface the continent’s most pressing current and future problems and possible solutions. The platform also aims at bridging the rift between academia and the industry/market place and to stimulate the development and exchange of information and innovative ideas on overarching health issues such as financing, technology, research to mention a few.

 Globally, countries have rallied around achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs). At the center of the SDGs is health – a healthy population enables sustainable development. SDG 3 notably underscores the importance of countries working to implement universal health coverage (UHC), as an integrated, efficient approach to improving health outcomes.

Kenya has committed to implementing UHC, which will require bold and innovative actions. Data shows that the Kenya Government’s allocation towards health as a percentage of GDP has only reached 2.2% yet it is known that countries that have made progress towards UHC spend public funds at around 5% of GDP. Further, out of pocket payments (OOPPs) for healthcare in Kenya represent over 30% of total health expenditure (THE) yet research has indicated that only when OOPPs fall below 15–20 per cent of THE does the incidence of financial catastrophe and impoverishment decline to low levels.Nonetheless, in November 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta prioritized healthcare as one of the Government’s ‘big four’ agenda and the attainment of UHC as a key deliverable of his administration over the next 5 years. HealthX would like to go beyond the political rhetoric to drill down to what achieving UHC really means for the whole healthcare system in Kenya and to ask the question – what next?



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