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Setting Yourself Apart from Competition

  Aug 19, 2016

A robust and competitive market environment gets businesses fighting for similar customers. How then should business practitioners reinvent their businesses for a cut above the rest?

Putting these concepts into perspective; CEO National Microfinance Bank PLC, Ms. Ineke Bussemaker gave insights on beating competition during the Senior Management Leadership Program in Tanzania.

As one of the leading retail banks in Tanzania, Ms. Bussemaker highlights talent attraction and retention in the work force as one of the chief driving forces in fostering innovation and making advances ahead of other enterprises. “Empowering your workforce is the best investment an organization can make. Understanding the dynamics of attracting and retaining your super team requires properly outlined strategies. Ms. Bussemaker explains.”

Here are some of the lessons she shared with the class:

  • Team leaders should cultivate a culture of goal setting which gives team members clear direction on what to achieve. Working towards a common and specific goal aligns team members to work towards a unified vision which enhances a team work culture.
  • Employee engagement is a crucial element in building an organization responsive to its customer needs. Engaged employees contribute meaningfully to the goals of the organization. This also enables the management of the organization to  better understand the business landscape.
  • Cultivate a problem solving culture where teams are probed to creatively craft solutions to problems.
  • Senior managers should encourage diversity in delegation of tasks as this grows cohesion in the organization.

About  The Tanzania Leadership Academy

The Tanzania Leadership Academy was launched in June 2016 in partnership with Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSDA).

The Tanzania Leadership Development Academy runs the following executive programs: the Senior Management Leadership Development Program, the Management Development Program (MDP) and The Effective Director Program (TED).



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