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Senior Lecturer on winning AABS-Emerald case competition

  May 14, 2013

SBS Senior Lecturer, Dr Fred Ogola won an award of US$1,500 for the AABS-Emerald case writing competition last year titled”Nike Davies-Okundaye: Building a family social enterprise.” He shared his insights on winning the competition.

Tell us more about the case

The case is about the entrepreneur. The protagonist of the case owns and manages the biggest art gallery in all West Africa. In today’s increasingly capitalist society, the case shows that doing good can still lead to doing very well financially. It testifies that creating social value can precede or go along with wealth creation as opposed to the common belief that amassing wealth should always come before doing good.

The case study also highlights valuable insights on indigenous training systems such as apprenticeship, which ensures that children grow up learning skills they need to earn a living as adults, without depending on others for employment. In that regard, the study contributes to the knowledge of entrepreneurship in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

How does one go about getting one’s work published in an international publishing house?

To publish in an international journal, one has to demonstrate that the issue addressed by his or her article has both theoretical and practical contribution, attains the standard of research rigor of scientific research and that it is original in its contribution to the body of knowledge, not just some interesting work which cannot answer the “so what question.”

What benefit is it for a scholar to be published internationally?

The scholar gets the academic recognition from his peers; one also receives promotions, which starts from assistant lecturer, lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor and eventually full professor.

What is the connection between teaching and writing/research? How does this improve the ratings of a faculty member?

This boosts one’s pedagogical skill in the sense that the professor has to interact with the industry and consequently develop practically relevant teaching approach. It also gives professors’ credibility since he/she positions himself not only as a consumer of knowledge but also a producer. It is one thing to quote peoples cases but its another to use your work, your cases, students respect that.

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