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Senior Lecturer Facilitates a Case Methodology Training Program in the Informal Sector

  Aug 8, 2014

Dr. Freddie Acosta, a senior lecturer at Strathmore Business School facilitated a one week training program in Case Methodology for the Informal Sector Business Institute (ISBI). This was the second time that ISBI has invited Dr. Acosta to facilitate the same program.

The participants were taught the case method teaching and case writing. During the training, Dr. Acosta used some of his bestseller cases such as Law Africa and Kevin Onyango. As part of the program, the participants were given the opportunity to facilitate a session using any of the cases they had learned during the training and had an actual case writing experience through interviewing two case leads.

Dr. Acosta is a senior faculty member at Strathmore Business School and is a renowned case methodology teacher not only in Kenya but in Africa. He is a regular faculty facilitator in the annual Association of Africa Business School’s Teaching the Practice of Management (AABS-TPM). He is also a prolific case writer and some of his cases have won awards and have consequently been published in Europe. He is a regional editor of Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies and Sage Asian Case Studies.

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