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Senior Lecturer Co-Authors Article in Top Tourism Journal

  Apr 14, 2014

Dr. Robert Mudida a Senior lecturer at SBS has co-authored an article entitled “Persistence, long memory and seasonality in Kenyan tourism series.” He co-authored the article with Professors Luis Gil-Alana and Fernando Perez de Gracia, of Navarre Centre for International Development and the Economics Department of the University of Navarre respectively. The article has been published in Vol. 46 of the May 2014 edition of the Annals of Tourism Research which is one of the top tourism journals globally with an impact factor of 3.683. The article investigates the statistical properties of the total number of arrivals and departures in Kenya for the time period 1975 Quarter 1–2011 till Quarter 4 by looking at the degree of persistence of the series. It uses long range dependence techniques and given the quarterly nature of the data, seasonality is also taken into account. The potential presence of structural breaks in the data is also considered.

The tourism sector in Kenya is especially sensitive to political shocks, and this is particularly exemplified by the shocks in 1992Q4 and 2008Q1 that were associated with crucial election periods in Kenya. The results of the paper show that the tourism series are fractionally integrated with orders of integration strictly below 1 whereby time series with values below 1 are mean reverting. Thus, shocks to the tourism sector are expected to be transitory and disappearing relatively quickly.

Dr. Mudida has considerable lecturing experience in the areas of economics, financial management, international finance and general management. He holds a doctorate from the University of Nairobi.

He possesses an MSc in Financial Economics from the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies and an MA in international studies from the University of Nairobi. He has worked for several international organisations including having been the head of the commercial section of the Embassy of Chile in Kenya and an administrative officer with the Embassy of Spain in Nairobi for several years.

Dr. Mudida has published widely in his areas of research interest which include international economics, financial economics, institutional economics, the economics of development and the economics of conflict. He has also carried out numerous international consultancy assignments including a recent innovation survey for the World Bank.

The article is accessible at

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