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Senior Lecturer Co-authors a Journal Article

  May 23, 2013

Dr Freddie Acosta, a Senior Lecturer at Strathmore Business School co-authored a journal paper together with Mr Geoffrey Mwangi, a graduate of Master of Business Administration at SBS. The title of their paper is “MOBILE PHONES AND GROWTH OF MICROENTERPRISES: A CASE STUDY OF SAFARICOM’S “ZIDISHA BIASHARA” CUSTOMERS. The article was published by DLSU Business and Economics Review, a refereed journal classified as Category A level.

The DLSU Business & Economics Review (B&E Review) publishes high quality theoretical, empirical, and methodological research in the fields of Accounting, Business Management, Commercial Law, Economics, Finance, and Marketing. It is listed in SciVerse Scopus and abstracted and indexed in EBSCO.

The study aimed at establishing the impacts of mobile phones usage on the growth of microenterprises. The study focused on mobile phones because of the speedy adoption and widespread usage of mobile phones witnessed in Kenya over the last 10 years. The objectives of the study were based on three indicators of business growth, that is, income, profitability (cost management), and customer base. The study adopted a descriptive design method since it aimed at discovering and describing if a relationship exists between the variables. The study purposively sampled 100 microenterprises from Safaricom’s Zidisha Biashara programme.

In their findings, respondents agreed that the use of mobile phones led to increase in business income, profitability, and customer base. The study concluded that, holding other growth factors constant, the use of mobile phones has a significant influence on the growth of microenterprises.

The study recommended that promoters of microenterprises should incorporate the features and capabilities of the mobile phone as part of the tools they provide to support microenterprises. It also recommended that owners and managers of microenterprises should incorporate a mobile phone strategy in their operations and explore innovative ways of using it as a driver for growth. A final recommendation was made to the ICT community to develop mobile applications to support microenterprises in areas such as mobile advertising, mobile payment platforms, and customer relationship management.

The paper can be downloaded online here.

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