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Senior Faculty Attends NASPAA'S Annual Conference

  Nov 4, 2016

Professor Robert Mudida, Director of Strathmore Institute of Public Policy and Governance attended and presented the SBS’ training and academic curriculum at the 2016 Network of Schools of Public Policy Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) conference in October 2016. The annual conference attracts global participation from reputable institutions in Public Administration and Affairs and enables institutions to gain insights on the accreditation process and network with both accredited and institutions desiring accreditation.

Prof. Mudida also presented a guest lecture at Northern Illinois University, one of our partner universities in international educational collaboration and the economic diplomacy of African states.

NASPPA organizes residential workshops and conferences; skills-based learning to touch on each of the 7 NASPAA Accreditation Standards, including maintaining your mission and sustainable assessment, as well as program best practices in diversity. .

The accreditation process from the body is a voluntary peer review quality assurance process for Master’s degree programs in Public administration, public policy and public affairs. This is to ensure that Masters Programs take the design and shape which reflects and has the ability to shape public service and governance. The cycle involves a self-study report of the analysis, thereafter, an interim report is issued and representatives from the accrediting body make gradual visits to the institution.

About Prof. Mudida

Prof. Robert Mudida is an Associate Professor of Political Economy at Strathmore Business School and has considerable lecturing and practical experience in the areas of economics, applied econometrics, public policy, negotiation, international trade and finance. He is also the Director of the Institute for Public Policy and Governance of Strathmore Business School. He has recently been a visiting professor at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and the University of Navarra in Spain where he taught a course on Doing Business in Africa.

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