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SBS Vice Dean Appointed Chairperson of the Association of African Business Schools

  Feb 12, 2016

Dr. Edward Mungai, Vice Dean, Doctoral Programs was appointed as the chairperson of the Association of African Business Schools (AABS). Dr. Mungai who took over from Prof. Walter Baets will serve for a period of two years. In an exclusive coffee session interview with AABS, Dr. Mungai shares his vision for AABS and passion for business and management education in Africa.

Why are you passionate about AABS and business education in Africa?

We are convinced that entrepreneurs and business executives are key actors in the necessary inclusive social economic development of Africa. AABS, directly and through it’s member schools contributes to the achievement of this noble objective by empowering these actors through capacity building, collaboration and advocacy.

What do you believe is the role of an African business school?

Empower entrepreneurs and business executives who build sustainable organizations which foster inclusive social economic development for Africa and the world. In Africa, such development is necessary to include value creation and sharing.

In what direction do you hope to take AABS in the next two years?

Having participated in the recent AABS strategy review, my focus will be to spearhead the achievement of the agreed strategic objectives i.e. (Membership growth, Advocacy, Capacity building and Accreditation (MACA))

What excites you about AABS Connect 2016?

The close connection of the AABS conference theme with what is happening in the host country of Nigeria, Africa’s greatest economy. Africa’s exponential growth will to a great extent, depend on how the citizens, not just governments, deal with corruption, conflicts and contagion.

What do you anticipate to achieve with the AABS Accreditation Project?

The accreditation system, once fully implemented, will give credence and recognition to business schools in Africa that focus on management issues that are particularly relevant and necessary for the African continent. Such recognition will increase the credibility of business school’s contribution to the African renaissance and it’s social economic participation in a globalised world.

Thank you note to the previous AABS Chairperson, Prof Walter Baets:

Our deep appreciation for guiding AABS in the last two years (2014 & 2015). Among other achievements during your tenure, I would like to single out three. First, AABS has become more inclusive by expanding the membership criteria to allow more schools to become AABS members and organizations to become AABS Associates. Second, after several years of discussion, the members finally approved that AABS starts an accreditation system. Finally, the AABS mission and vision were reviewed to incorporate the important theme of inclusive social economic development which is key for the Africa continent. It’s now our turn to follow-up on these achievements and increase the value of AABS to its members and it’s contribution to the African continent. Thank you very much for the service to AABS. We look forward to your guidance as we move on. – Dr Edward Mungai

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