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SBS Key Contributor to African Economy through Data Science

  Jul 3, 2019

Strathmore University Business School (SBS) and The Jean Golding Institute (JGI) for Data Science -University of Bristol UK are proud to announce an official partnership that  increases options for credible and high-quality academic research and training between institutions. This collaboration will develop mutually beneficial creative and productive scholarly activities in the field of data science.

The teams from both universities will work together to share expertise on how data science can be used to address challenges relevant to Africa based on ‘people exchange’ through data science, knowledge and capacity building across various channels from government, the private sector, media and other disciplines.

“This partnership will strengthen our role as an institution in bringing the power of new technologies and innovation to areas such as agriculture, wildlife, and enhance skills in the use of geospatial information to address some of Kenya’s oldest problems,” said  Dr. Njenga, Executive Dean SBS.

Professor Kate Robson Brown, Director at JGI-University of Bristol, said “Developing data science capacity in Kenya and the region is key to addressing some of the greatest societal challenges facing the community and will also unlock economic opportunities of significant benefit. It is an honour and a pleasure to be working with our colleagues at Strathmore University to achieve these goals.”

The partnership will include exchange of ideas and set goals within sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, wildlife conservation, disaster response, geospatial modelling, communications, and economics. Teams have been formed to facilitate the implementation of this partnership and plans are underway delve more in-depth in data science research,  foster interdisciplinary research in communities, connect researchers and facilitate research projects.

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