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SBS to Host Food Safety Summit Africa 2015

  May 26, 2015

Food safety forum mid-sizeStrathmore Business School (SBS) will this year host the Food Safety Summit Africa Conference & Expo. The forum, which will be held from the 28th – 29th of May 2015, is a pioneer industry event that will bring together international and regional service and product providers together with policy makers, regulatory agencies, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals from the food, feed and agro industries in sub-Saharan Africa, for two days of intense dialogue on food safety matters.

Africa faces a huge challenge of meeting the immense nutritional needs of its rising population while at the same time improving its ability to trade with itself and the rest of the World.

The continent is faced with many challenges, including inadequate human capital and infrastructure – required to produce, harvest, store, transport, and process the bulk of its produce – leading to huge losses and increasing cases of unsafe food landing on the table of unsuspecting consumers.

As a result, cases of food poisoning, largely unreported, continue to rise in many African countries. To add to this is the rise in lifestyle diseases like cancer, hypertension and heart disease – that can be tied to the consumption of unsafe food in the Continent.

Whichever country you are in, the media is awash with attention-grabbing cases of food fraud (donkey meat anyone?), aflatoxin-laced food and feed, adulterated alcohol, export ban threats and many cases of food poisoning and death as a result of consuming unsafe food.

Africa is a major supplier of food and horticulture products to the highly sensitive European Union (EU) market. The continent’s ambition to trade more with itself and the rest of the world is on every government’s agenda.

Yet, the continent continues to face rising challenges as a result of the EU and other countries increasing their vigilance on imports from Africa, putting the continent at the mercy of new requirements which it may not be able to handle.
With this in mind, the Food Safety Summit Conference & Expo is an important forum to engage the Government, NGOs, food value chain players and the public in an intense two-day conference that will build upon the continent’s goal to not only feed itself through agriculture and agro-processing, but also to produce safe food and horticultural products for local and export markets.

It will focus on current and emerging food safety issues in Africa in the face of changes in regulatory environment in the continent and its key export markets.
The forum will take the farm-to-table approach – covering the entire value chain from production, handling and storage, processing, retail and distribution of food, beverages and agricultural produce.

This forum is meant to be a place where real solutions to Africa’s problems shall be discussed and a way forward formulated. In this forum, participants will identify the problems, brainstorm on the latest technological solutions, share best practice and form alliances and relationships that will ensure the changes needed in Africa’s food safety policies and practices can be effected.

The topics to be discussed at the Event include the latest information on food safety issues, from sanitation issues to the latest technological breakthroughs in an open, informative and interactive manner; aflatoxins, GMOs regulation, pesticide residues in fresh produce, food safety policy and regulation – this event will cover food safety more than any other in the region.

The forum has partnered with key government ministries, regulatory and standards authorities from the region, which shall be announced in the coming weeks.
It provides an opportunity for the continent to start looking for African solutions for its unique food safety challenges, while working with the international community, suppliers, Governments, researchers and academia.

Come and learn about the latest technology, regulations and practices in the industry; network with industry peers and leaders; and trade by showcasing your products and services to key decision-makers from the industry and government.

Register here to attend the forum.



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