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SBS Coach to Attend the First Inaugural African Coaching Symposium

  May 13, 2016

Executive coaching in the C- Suite world is one of the rapidly growing trends sought by executives to grow and maximize on their potential. Through executive coaching, Strathmore Business School has been able to carry out its mission of transforming the region’s leadership, having coached over 1,000 senior and middle level managers across East Africa.

Scaling up in excellence, SBS Executive Coaching department will be attending the inaugural Africa Coaching Symposium, set to converge the continent’s top crop of executive coaches. Thomas Mundia, Director Executive Coaching will represent the Business School for the symposium which kicks off on May 17th – 19th 2016 in Johannesburg South Africa.

Strathmore Business School through its strategic partnerships with industry players such as Financial Sector Deepening Africa and Creative Métier has been able to facilitate several executive coaching programs.

Through the Developing Service Markets and the Transforming Business Performance programs by FSD Africa, Creative Métier and Strathmore Business School, the initiatives have seen through the successful integration of a coaching culture in over ten organisations within a span of less than two years. It is through these successes that Strathmore Business School’s involvement in the conference will be to showcase its journey of how coaching can be utilized to improve productivity and enhance better performance in organisations.

“The symposium is keen on standardizing the coaching practice, an exercise we take interest in ensuring that we set and achieve high level standards of coaching. The forum will also be crucial in increasing our networks for viable partnerships with esteemed coaches around the continent, provide a platform to participate in discussions on transforming Africa’s leaders as well as build teaching models that are specific to Africa’s needs,” remarked Thomas Mundia.

Internal Coaching within the institution through the various Executive Programs have translated to great impact, return on investment that coachees have been able to map.

The CEO Apprenticeship in Uganda has also had significant impact to the participants, with coachees attesting to an increase in market share, improvement of service delivery, among others through coaching.

The forum is expected to provide avenues for collaborative research in the field of coaching, consequently improving on the delivery of the coaching expertise.

The symposium converging coaching market leaders will attempt to create an African based coaching model, comprehensive of the African culture and the challenges it faces. “When we talk of the leadership narrative in Africa, we must be cognizant of the factors that make us stand out and that are pertinent in shaping our leadership skills. There is a need to question whether the current coaching model reflects the realities of our cultural specifics. Virtues in the African traditional culture were a key element in leadership, a component we have seen getting eroded through the years. The African leadership narrative has to be addressed in recognition of its peculiarities, before coaching can be sought for as a prolific intervention.” Mundia concluded.

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