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SBS Supports Zanzibar's Tourism Industry through Regional Integration

  Aug 1, 2019

Strathmore University Business School (SBS), the Strathmore University School of tourism, and Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) collaborated to provide a short term course on Incubator Management to the management team from the Institute of Tourism, State University of Zanzibar (SUZA).

SUZA, established by Act No.8 of 1999 of the Zanzibar House of Representatives and has been operational since September 2001 with seven campuses located within the Island. The Institute of Tourism (IoT), within it, is a post-secondary training academic and professional service provider in the development of the human resource capital in the field of tourism, hospitality, entrepreneurship and ICT industries.

SBS and IoT have shared values of offering research and quality education that aim to transform society to acquire responsible leadership and practical entrepreneurship skills. An excellent opportunity to work together towards creating an impact in Zanzibar’s tourism industry. The two institutions agreed on areas of focus during the training such as appropriate management models, best practice, key challenges and solutions, and resource mobilization strategies.

Thereafter, the three-day incubator management programme kicked off with in-class training and study visits to incubation centres in Nairobi. Further activities include brief presentations, group work, video presentations, case studies, self-assessment of the team, and individual reading.

Through partnerships such as these, SBS focusses on building transformational leadership aimed at developing businesses and promoting individual skillsets. The business school provides executive education through corporate and personal training.

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