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SBS signs MOU with Ministry to foster effective leadership of RDA’s

  Apr 17, 2013

Strathmore Business School (SBS) signed an MoU with the Ministry of Regional Development Authorities (MoRDA) on Monday 8th April 2013 at the MoRDA offices. The MoU aims at promoting managerial skills to enable effective leadership of Regional Development Authorities (RDAs) in meeting the government objectives of integrated development. It will boost and enhance development and industrialization through research, training, innovation technological development and commercialisation and marketing.

Speaking at the ceremony, Permanent Secretary Eng. Carey O. Orege, CBS, affirmed his belief in research and development and stated that the partnership between MoRDA and SBS will help to develop the initiatives of the ministry and address the imbalances in the region. “The cooperation between MoRDA and SBS will ensure that the projects become self sustainable.” This partnership will spearhead integral development in the region as the ministry will be able to gain from the specialized skills offered by SBS to overcome challenges in managing various projects.

Dr. George Njenga, Dean of Strathmore Business School (SBS) stressed on the importance of the training which will enhance the capacity to negotiate when handling the projects that have been initiated. He pledged SBS’ support of the RDAs by analyzing and influencing the different aspects of their projects. “This partnership will help develop good strategies and foster succession planning which will ensure continuity”, stated Dr. Njenga.

The training will aid in building linkages with international experience in the management of large scale development projects and will include research and coaching of RDA executives to ensure internalization of leadership and strategic skills.

MORDA provides policy guidance, builds capacities, and ensures oversight management, coordination and development support to Regional Development Authorities which promote integrated development through the implementation of integrated programs and projects such as the provision of hydro-power, flood control, water supply for irrigation, domestic and industrial use as well as environmental conservation.

SBS has been providing capacity building programs in business, healthcare, NGOs and the public service with a bias in leadership and management. The business school promotes ethical leaders tantamount with its mission to develop transformative business leaders. SBS provides its participants with a world-class learning environment, where they can share and reflect on their experiences and develop new ideas that will lead their companies into a new era.

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