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  Mar 2, 2012

Strathmore Business School has moved its premises to the new green campus, the first green Business School in Africa valued at KShs 265 million. The new business school which is adjacent to the students centre will increase the capacity of its participants to 800 executives. The building incorporates ultra-modern facilities.

The new auditorium will have a seating capacity of 180 people and will also have all the requisite conferencing facilities inclusive of a huge screen with the visual material presented via any of the three ceiling mounted projectors. The stage will seat up to 10 people, raised just enough to ensure visibility from the main seating area. The main seating area will have three tier seating each accessed through a middle aisle and side.

The construction project serves the overwhelming need for world-class executive training in Africa in a local setting and aims at raising KShs 265 million to complete. The innovative design embraces the green building technology guidelines and seeks to achieve the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification which is a ‘Green Building’ Rating System used in the USA.

The former business school premises will now house Strathmore Law School.

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