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Rocking Your LinkedIn Profile

  Nov 2, 2018

Being able to show your professional journey on LinkedIn is a good way to help you stand out to potential new connections. In fact, every 10 minutes people log into LinkedIn. With over 590 Million LinkedIn users worldwide, it is a great platform for business and professional networking. People get on LinkedIn to connect, stay informed and get hired.

Strathmore Business School held The Alumni Knowledge Session, Go Find and be found: Make Your Digital Footprint Work for You on 31st October 2018. Key speakers were Dr. Patricia Murugami, Regional Academic Director, Women in Leadership Programmes, Organizational Behavior & Leadership, Strathmore Business School and Stewart Samkange, LinkedIn Talent Solutions, East and Sub-Saharan Africa, LinkedIn.

Dr. Patricia Murugami emphasized the need to connect with the purpose of the organizations in which we work. “To realign ourselves with the work of the future we need to rethink work not as a destination but as meaningful work “said Patricia Murugami in her welcoming remarks. It is important to have your customers in mind when posting on LinkedIn. Your profile should also be thorough and interesting in a way that will build trust among your clientele.

Stewart Samkange took the audience through ways in which to look professional on LinkedIn:

  • Add a professional photo – statistics show that you can increase your LinkedIn views by 11 times more than a profile without a professional photo
  • A title – write an attention-grabbing headline explaining what you do and include your passion and your value
  • Draft a compelling summary – be authentic, recommended 40 words. Write something that resonates with your job purpose and your contribution to the economy
  • Detail your past work experience – recruiters would want their employees to be well versed with knowledge and experience
  • Add examples of your work in photos, presentations and videos – Images help people find you
  • Add your skills and get recognition for them – recommendations help shorten trust factor for the recruiters
  • Include your volunteer experience and causes – this will increase your profile view by six times

He noted that one shouldn’t worry about getting many likes on posts, rather the content, views and shares of what you post is most vital. He further gave the five E’s of content before publishing: your content should be; Engaging, Educational, Exciting, Empowering and ‘Edutaining’.

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