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Reinventing Women Leaders to Board & Entrepreneurial Level

  Oct 1, 2013

The meaning of life is to give life meaning. What meaning are you giving your life? This is the question Patricia Murugami, Vice Dean of Executive Talent Development at Strathmore business school asked the women in leadership who had gathered to attend the session on ‘Reinventing Yourself to Board & Entrepreneurial Level.’

In a world where most leadership roles are dominated by men, women are beginning to be encouraged and motivated to take charge and get more involved in joining boards where their contributions can have a long term perspective in growing the organisation.

The session was aimed at women in leadership positions across all sectors in management, partner or board roles either in their own personal businesses or the organisations that they work for. Its objective was to awaken the feminine talents women have so as to help guide them maximize their strengths in ways that will add value to their businesses and the organisations.

Patricia together with Gladys Ogallo, CEO and founder of Virtual Human Resource Services Ltd took the participants through the interactive session whereby the women were given areas in which they could achieve and reinvent themselves physical, financially, emotionally, professionally and spiritually. They were urged to improve their performance by striving to increase their effective leadership skills and be ready to meet the difficult challenges of today’s dynamic market.

The ‘glass ceiling’ mentality was demystified as a barrier that women put up to prevent their careers from progression. It is said that although men are far outnumbered in most of the roles leading up to the boardroom, there seems to be a distinct lack of women in leadership and boardroom roles, a situation that can be corrected.

Gladys Ogallo mentioned that reinventing yourself is like life “Life is like peeling an onion…you peel it bit by bit…sometimes you pause to wipe your eyes…then you energize and move on…and complete the task.” She further stated that although excellence in leadership roles is not based on gender, women also bring in a fair share of different skills, experiences, outlook, competence and flair to management roles that are key to every organisation.

The SBS Women in Leadership Program is about personal leadership and self mastery that will enable every woman move to their next intended level. It is based on an inside out approach designed to enable you the woman in management sharpen your skills in leading, motivating others help in building your effectiveness and efficiency.

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