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Pope Francis Visit to Kenya

  Nov 20, 2015

Pope Francis will be visiting Kenya on 25th – 27th November 2015.  In order to prepare ourselves for this special moment of grace, the Chaplaincy has lined up the following activities:

a) Registration: those who wish to take part in Holy Mass at the Nairobi University grounds or the Youth Meeting at Kasarani (or both) may register with the Chaplaincy Help Desk, either by going there physically or sending the information to their emails: Benjamin Simiyu or John Maina;

b) Spiritual Preparation:  the Chaplaincy will organize talks, meditations and vigils to help us all prepare ourselves spiritually for the event.  The Bishops have also requested the Youth to offer the Holy Father a gift of Holy Rosaries said for his intentions.  Youngsters are therefore requested to say as many Rosaries as possible between 15 October and 15 November.  The number of Rosaries said will be collated and offered to the Holy Father – gift from the Kenyan Youth.

c) Contribution: the Cardinal has requested us to contribute generously in order to assist in meeting the cost of the trip. The following details can be used to raise the money towards the Pope’s visit.

1. Go to Mpesa menu

2. Got to Lipa na Mpesa, then pay bill

3. The business number is 400222

4. The account number is 1059#1009

5. For the amount to transfer note it will incur a charge of Kes 38.50

Click here to read 5 tips on how to prepare for the visit… We shall keep you informed as things develop…

Click here to read the letter from the Cardinal about Pope’s visit.

Let us entrust the success of this trip to Our Lady of Africa!

The resources can be found at the following URLs:

Youth Registration Form:

Click here to view.

Youth Rosary Gift:

Click here to view.

Holy Mass at UoN grounds:

Click here to view.

Facebook Group:

Click here to view.

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