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PFD Graduation: Forging Firm Family Foundation

  Oct 9, 2015

70 couples and 23 young professionals graduated from Strathmore Business School’s Program for Family Development, on 3rd October 2015.

The family enrichment program is aimed at developing holistic professionals in the society through promoting and supporting a broad variety of initiatives for families and married couples.

PFD runs the International Federation for Family Development courses in Kenya and Uganda. The courses which first started in Spain have largely been adopted across the globe. In Kenya, PFD reaches 500 married and 50 young professionals every year. IFFD is convinced of the importance and irreplaceable role of the family in the happiness of its members, as well as for peace and social cohesion, for general welfare, educational development, economic growth and successful integration into society.

“I would like to celebrate all the couples and young professionals who have invested their time to participate in this program. We acknowledge that the prosperity of all life’s critical components is largely tied to the quality of relationships in families,” said Raymond Mutura, PFD Kenya President.

PFD runs annual courses which include: Married Love, First Steps, First Letters, First Decisions, Adolescents, Teenagers and Maisha — the personal project.

The sessions are generally held one Saturday, once a month at Strathmore Business School and in partner institutions that have outsourced some or all their parenting programs to PFD.

Dr George Njenga, Dean Strathmore Business School, notes: “Embracing parenthood, especially fatherhood, is fundamental for sustainable social, economic and cultural development in our societies. At Strathmore Business School we are committed to the development of wholesome growth of the professional in their work and personal life.”

Andrew Wakori, a graduate of PFD, says: “I am so thankful to my wife for encouraging me to enroll in this program. I have gained much exposure on life issues that go beyond the basic provision of family needs.”

Story courtesy of The Star Newspaper


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