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Patient Safety: A Route to Improving Healthcare Delivery

  Nov 11, 2011

Availability of essential medicines and medical devices (non-pharmaceuticals) are an important input in the delivery of quality health services. Whereas the regulation and quality assurance of pharmaceutical products is relatively well defined and documented, the same cannot be said of medical devices. Medical devices in Kenya face a number of challenges including a lack of standards, lack of legislation and regulations relating to the quality, safety and efficacy of these products; poor coordination and communication among various stakeholders involved in the medical devices supply chain; low budget prioritization (compared to pharmaceuticals) and poor tracking and reporting system of quality issues. All these challenges lead to poor quality a situation which imparts negatively on patient and health care worker safety and increases treatment and medical waste costs.

To contribute towards addressing these challenges, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Health Sector Program (HSP) has entered into a private public partnership (PPP) with B Braun Melsengun AG to deliver a program for senior executives and middle-level managers within the healthcare industry. The program, dubbed ‘Patient Safety: Towards Improving Healthcare Delivery’ will be lead and taught by Dr. Majid Twahir, Director of Operations and Utlization Management, Prof. Magdalene Rosenmoller amongst other industry experts from GIZ and B Braun Melsengun Ag.

The program will run from the 28th of November – 1st December 2011 targeted at the senior executives involved in making key decisions in patient safety & procurement and supply chain management.

Continue checking our website for more information regarding the program.

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