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Coach, Author - Prof. Lis Paice to Speak on Organisational Coaching for Change

  Sep 29, 2017

Professor Lis Paice; an active, popular coach and author of “New Coach: reflections on a learning journey,” McGraw Hill 2012, will be visiting Strathmore Business School on 6th October 2017. During her visit, Prof Paice will give a coaching session to Coaches, Heads of Departments and other interested individuals on the general theme, “Embedding a coaching culture for Organisational Change.”

Today’s complex work environment continues to require a class of highly engaged, motivated and receptive to change – employees and management teams. Growing and nurturing this crop of individuals in an organisation requires an extraordinary tact, which will engage employees but also become a driver of organisational performance.

The strategy towards developing and embedding an “orgaisational coaching culture” is helping organisations acquire better returns from their employees, by making them resilient to change.

While in the past, much of the focus around coaching has been around senior executives, more and more organisations are investing in coaching across multiple levels. The advantages of this are that managers can then support other employees, and this builds resilience across the organisation, helping teams improve their performance.

Strathmore Business School offers coaching to executives, stimulating personal growth necessary to deliver business performance. In line with the Business School’s mission of transforming leaders through virtue, this intervention assists the program participants to develop their vision and maximize their personal and professional potential. It also helps them to think strategically and inspire a shared vision and mission of their organization as well as review their leadership style. Click here to read about the executive coaching for managers program.

To attend or to request for more information about Prof. Paice’s coaching session, write to Fina D’Souza through


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