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Operational Management is Key in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

  Nov 25, 2016

“We did nothing wrong but we still lost.” These were profound words echoed by Dr. Frank Wafula at the onset of the inaugural Pharmaceutical Commodity Supply Chain Management Program. Dr. Wafula was alluding to the words of Nokia’s CEO as he addressed a press conference announcing the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft. After discussing the Nokia case, it was agreed that firms are in a constant state of survival and hence they need to adapt to survive. Nokia, a respectable company lost because they did not adapt to a rapidly changing world and their competitors were too powerful.

Strategic positioning of operational structure and management are great factors to product and supply pricing as by sufficiently positioning oneself operationally, a lower cost of input will be employed and eventually, the turnover profits will be much more significant. This is a strategy that multinationals such as Apple have taken up. Case in point is how they develop the electronics in the USA and eventually manufacture them in China.

The healthcare sector has been plagued by numerous challenges in technical, administrative flow of work and high cost of healthcare services provision which are caused by lapses in structural and operational management. Operational management should be guided by the following three important elements- Improving processes, streamlining costs and ensuring high quality. With these elements, a pharmaceutical elect will be an efficient fast moving business. Operations management seems simple enough but in turn it is the cornerstone of supply chain management.

About the Program

The Internationally recognized Pharmaceutical Commodity Supply Chain Management Program is specifically designed to equip delegates with an in-depth understanding of supply chain operations and best practices. This course is designed by specialists in the field of Supply Chain and Management, and equips participants with practical learning’s to assist in elements of supply chain from operations and procurement to distribution and other key components of managing the health supply chain system. This course promotes a multidisciplinary and integrated approach in line with current trends.

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