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New Managers Leadership Program

  Aug 25, 2011

Congratulations on your promotion! You are now a new manager, managing and leading a team who just yesterday was part of your peer group. You feel a niggling doubt in your mind and a knot in your stomach and wonder if you are ready to truly lead and manage a team. Then you remember your colleague who became a new manager, was unable to differentiate his new role from his old role and as a result, got involved in an unethical situation which cost him his job and worse still, his reputation and personal brand.

Do you know what your leadership style is? Do you know the impact of your personality on your management skills and leadership style? Have you ever considered what is the most critical relationship that you need to manage? Managing your boss is fundamental to both you and your boss’ effectiveness. How about effective delegation and team management? Is the performance management process feeling you with dread? Do you know how to have difficult conversations when you need to correct your team member or take disciplinary action?

Do you know where your organisation makes value or loses value? Do you know how financial numbers tell the story? Do you know how to compute the key ratios to enable you make better business decisions? Have you considered that you need to chart out your talent development and career prospects by building your network with intention and purpose?

Research has shown that the first passage that managers fail to succeed and perform is when they move from managing oneself to managing others, that is when they become new managers. In response to the feedback we have received from our SBS talent partner club members, we launched the New Manager Leadership Program in July with the first cohort successfully completing the program and becoming real MOVERS in their organisations.

Do you know who a MOVER is? A MOVER is a new manager who is:

  • Motivated and can motivate a team
  • Organised in his/her work using a project management approach
  • Virtuous in his/her leadership style
  • Executing his/her actions effectively
  • Results – oriented aiming to provide sustainable and real value
  • Are you ready to become a real MOVER, truly transformed with virtue? Join us in the next cohort in October. Click here for more information.

    See what some of the alumni have said:

    It has been an intensive week and rich experience. I have been changed to the core and actually mutated to be a more effective person.The faculty has really impressed me and personally I feel like I have just had a Havard Business School experience. I have not only learnt how to be a manager but also a leader.

    Emmanuel Milikai, NMLP Participant 2011.

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