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New Managers II Program Wraps Up

  Aug 31, 2012

Many new managers are often thrown into a new managerial position without the necessary skills and knowledge of how to lead a team of people who were once their peers. How then does a new manager build the necessary managerial and functional skills? Strathmore Business School’s uniquely tailored program for new managers, New Managers Leadership Program (NMLP) II was held at SBS from the 27 – 31 August 2012. The program which aims at equipping new managers with adequate skills on the various areas of management to aid them in being effective managers attracted various budding managers keen on increasing their capabilities to become effective managers.

The distinctive program covered a wide range of management topics such as Leadership Transition, performance management, finance, ethics and project planning. The faculty comprised of Patricia Murugami, David Wang’ombe, Dr. Monica Kerretts, Paul Ouma and Dr. Luis Franceschi. NMLP ended with a graduation.

The program mainly focuses on leadership, leading teams, business management and managing networks.

From the Participants

I was impressed by Strathmore Business School’s commitment and attention to detail. This is what differentiates it from all the other institutions.

Dr. Waithira J. Wamwea

I am happy with the program as I received the necessaryinformation and I am now coming out of the program as a better person and manager in all aspects. I thank SBS for the preparation and execution of the program.

Molcolm Ouma

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About New Managers Leadership Program

This program is aimed at equipping new managers with adequate skills on the various areas of management to aid them in being effective managers. Some of the areas to be covered during the program include: effective presentation and communication skills, team dynamics, planning and budgeting, the effective feedback process, problem solving and conflict resolution, decision making skills, different management styles and management in general.

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