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New CEOs set to attend Inaugural Program

  Feb 1, 2013

Leader, Decision maker, Manager and Executor are some of the words synonymous with a CEO. He/She has the authority and responsibility of the organisation’s success or failure. For many professionals, the CEO position is often viewed as the apex of one’s career, no wonder it is a long-sought position.

Once at the helm of the organisation, the New CEO soon finds the coveted position one of challenges as often the early days of managing the organization are the most difficult. He/She realizes that they have to deal with innumerable decisions to make. Power play also comes into place and a strong support base has to be marshaled both internally and externally.

According to the Harvard Business Review 2005, two out of every five new CEOs fail in the first 18 months as they are unable to meet the expectations of their boards, shareholders and company’s stakeholders. One key contributor to failure is a gap in decision and execution. This gap leads to most decisions not being executed or executed wrongly.

The inaugural Strathmore Business School’s New CEO Program is designed for CEOs and aims to provide them with insights on how to spearhead execution of managerial decisions through delegation and teamwork. The program also discusses how CEOs can foster a good working relationship with the board of directors or similar oversight bodies.

The program will involve seasoned local executives in the program delivery which ensures that the program content is relevant to the African continent management context. The three-day program is set to begin on Monday 4th February 2013.

For more information, click here.

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