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Nation Media Group Take on SBS Customized Solutions

  Apr 5, 2019

On 2nd April 2019, Nation media group, the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa enrolled a number of its staff members at Strathmore University Business School (SBS) to a two-day customized solution programme. The Programme was designed by SBS in liaison with Nation Media Group participants. It was aimed at building the leadership capabilities of their supervising staff in areas such as leadership vs management, time management, motivating your subordinates, interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence.

SBS in its’ mission to provide world-class executive management education offers a range of customized solutions that focus on providing clients with tailored and bespoke custom programmes and consultations that ensure solutions to organizations’ unique and specific needs.

Dr. Angela Ndunge, Deputy Executive Dean, Executive Education, SBS, had oversight over the programme design and content. It was structured in one module over a two-day period. The two-day programme included action learning Projects whereby participants formed groups, identified problem areas within their various business lines and developed solutions seeking to address these challenges. Team coaching for the projects was also incorporated within the module.

A segment of the training gave room for a guest speaker where SBS invited Mr. David Kariuki, Head of human Capital, UAP Old Mutual Group. He gave an engaging talk on ‘the art of leadership’. He engaged the participants asking, “how do I manage my team to ensure we are all moving towards a similar goal?” In answering this he referred to John C. Maxwell’s 5 levels of leadership. This defined leadership as a step-by-step process with discernible and definable stages. Maintaining that leadership depends on influence rather than rank or title.He emphasized how in order to succeed at this, one needs to operate from the level of permission upwards.

Mr. Kariuki encouraged the participants to make time for their personal development despite their supervisory positions and work schedules quoting a Scottish-American industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, who said “The secret of success lies not in doing your own work but in recognizing the best person to do it.”

The session came to a close with participants taking time to air their personal bottlenecks with issues pertaining to human resource as Mr. Kariuki gave experiential advice on how to handle each case by case. The Nation Media Group guaranteed application of the lessons to ensure they realize value for their investment. We look forward to yet another success story for SBS.



This article was written by Pamela Nyandat.

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