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  Feb 22, 2013

From the beginning of this year, various executives from both the public and private sector have had the opportunity to learn vital skills and knowledge from the programs offered by the business school.

Through these programs, the participants learnt various key learnings and experiences. They had the following to share:

Advanced Management Program

“The course materials were of very high quality and relevant to the practical business environment. The faculty demonstrated expertise both in delivering the case study methodology and the environment was very friendly. The program is value for money and time.”

“Attending the program is the best decision I ever made. No one can go through the program and remain the same person.”

“I enjoyed the program very much as it was thought provoking.”

Leadership and Management Program

“Both senior and Middle level managers in the health ministry and institutions need to attend this program.”

“This is an excellent program tailor made for leaders and managers.”

Program for Management Development

“I love the practical elements of the program and feel more equipped with leadership skills.”

“Excellent Program as it equips one to perform better in their role. I would recommend it to all middle level managers.”

“The course is amazing. The faculty is highly qualified and delivers beyond your expectations. The case studies are current and therefore you can relate and learn from them. The program is just what you need to develop yourself as a manager.”

“The course is excellent and an eye opener as it helps one to realize how to manage self and work to improve on the delivery. I will use the learnings to improve output both at work and in the family.”

The New CEO Executive Program

“The New CEO Executive Program is not only enriching in content, but is the only route to one’s success in the new role.”

“The program was very good. I would recommend the program to all CEOs, both new and experienced.”

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