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Leveraging on digital platforms for business creation.

  Jun 16, 2017

Having a digital presence for your business is not only necessary but expected. Gaining a competitive edge on the other hand requires a deeper understanding of client engagement and retention in the digital space.

As business executives struggle to grab the attention of an ever-distracted client on the online space (looking for innovative means to capture, engage and retain the online audience), the complete control is still in the hands of the client as new customers base their trust on word of mouth as compared to advertising.

How then can business development executives make word of mouth their greatest marketing tool even on the digital platform? How can they leverage on digital platforms to earn and improve their competitive edge?   

Kenya’s top digital media strategists share insights on how to leverage on the digital platform for business creation.

Charles Murito – Country Manager, Google

 Internet connectivity contributes 3% of the country’s GDP. Research has also shown that a business loses 60% of its online clients if their website takes more than 3 seconds to load.

To maximize on one’s online presence it’s important to:

1.) Take advantage of digital platforms by thinking of how one can create informative content. This is one of the avenues to build client trust and credibility. It is also critical that business executives ensure that they are working on and measuring the right performance metric.  

2.) Delivering magical experiences: What is the experience your clients get when they interact with your products and services in both online and offline platforms?  It is crucial that entrepreneurs understand where their business traffic comes from and deliver a good experience. 

3.) Data and automation: Focus on what your key business is and double down on your core competency. Do not sweat the small stuff that can be automated or outsourced.

Ory Okolloh – Omidyar Network Africa, Co-Founder Ushahidi and Mzalendo

The growth opportunities in leveraging on technology are present in the ability to scale up in various sectors.  The Kenyan market especially the retail industry is largely informal, hence lies great prospects in formalizing the sector. The foundation of e-commerce is in the evolution of chat platforms into avenues for closing sales.

Business executives need to think of e-commerce as a path to the largest word of mouth wave. Peer reviews have one of the greatest influence on how other clients perceive the product or service at sale. Employers should also empower their workforce on how to respond to concerns and inquiries in the digital space.

Mark Kaigwa – Founder and CEO, Nendo

Business practitioners should understand their business challenges and be ready to get down to the job that needs to be done.

They should critically interrogate their selling approach and means in which they can best engage their clients. Is your approach to consistently talk about the features of your product or how your product can improve your client’s business? 

Kanwar Deep Sign – Lead Business Development, Nation Media Group Digital.

The digital space is just not about marketing, but how you engage and change the mindset of the consumer. Most importantly, is your business ready for the digital wave? The Digital space is just a way to conduct business; the smartest way to engage is to think of a business model that works for the business and works for your clients.

Don’t fear the digital change but embark on it.  Do not just embrace the change but prepare for the change and excel in the change.


The speakers share these insights during The Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies award knowledge session. Strathmore Business School is a knowledge partner of the Top 100 awards, that aims at nurturing and growing budding businesses by celebrating their achievements.

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