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Leadership Advice to New Managers

  Apr 27, 2012

Edgar Kalya, Ag. Consumer Banking Director – Barclays Bank Kenya Limited was at hand to give leadership advice at the New Manager Leadership Program at SBS. The five day program which was led by Patricia Murugami – Vice Dean, Executive Talent Development, SBS attracted new managers from various organisations all keen to gain the much needed skills to be effective managers.

Edgar noted the different leadership levels as highly capable individual, contributing team member, competent manager, effective leader and humble leader. He had the following advice for the new managers:

  • The right attitude helps one handle change in the leadership journey.
  • Search for a mentor who is possibly in a higher level and will add value to your life.
  • Always give the best impression as people are always searching for talent.
  • Keep close contact with the industry and join a network that is based on the quality of its contacts.
  • Do not be too comfortable in your work as you will never look for change which may
  • Self awareness and maturity are qualities that are always important in a leader.
  • Be a visionary leader and make sure others are clear about your direction.
  • Look for someone who can hold you accountable to your commitments. Have resolve which will ensure you achieve what you said you would.
  • Be a humble leader.
  • Trust is very crucial. You can only delegate when you trust that the other person will do an equally good job. Only through trust will you take risks with your team.
  • Give your team hope. Work for them, resolve their issues and remove the barriers that hamper their growth.
  • Be ethical, have good principles which will make decision making easier.
  • Get all the professional and academic papers you require but do not be arrogant about them.
  • Remember people leave bad leaders not bad organisations.
  • About New Managers Leadership Program

    This program is aimed at equipping new managers with adequate skills on the various areas of management to aid them in being effective managers. Some of the areas to be covered during the program include: effective presentation and communication skills, team dynamics, planning and budgeting, the effective feedback process, problem solving and conflict resolution, decision making skills, different management styles and management in general.

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