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Kuehne Foundation, Institute of Healthcare Management to offer Training in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  May 10, 2018

Sub – Saharan Africa’s supply chains and logistics operations are too slow to gain a competitive edge in the International trade landscape. Consequentially, this makes the cost of transportation in the region, too high. This accounts to six times higher than the global average.

To address some of these challenges, Kuehne Foundation is supporting Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM), at Strathmore Business School in offering training in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM). Kuehne Foundation is also supporting IHM to build internal capacity in Logistics and Supply Chain Management research and training. This will include support for curricula development for short courses, Masters Programmes, field trips, PhD training and workshops.

This collaboration started with a breakfast seminar at the Business School by Dr. Andre Kreie, Director- Global Logistics at Kuehne Foundation on what exactly makes LSCM in Sub-Saharan Africa so difficult. He listed inconsistent politics and policies in Africa, limited access to the LSCM market for foreign organizations, rugged and rough landscape requiring high infrastructure investments, relatively dispersed rural population, lack of appropriate information and communication technology, and lack of skilled experienced LSCM labor and LSCM education, as some of the LSCM challenges.

Some of the solutions proposed during the seminar were as follows:
Internally imposed solutions
• Align intra- African politics and policies
• Make foreign investments of LSCM organisations more attractive
• Direct more money to infrastructure projects
• Direct more money to LSCM education

Externally imposed Solutions
• More Foreign investments into LSCM infra- and supra – structure
• Apply best-practice in ICT to Sub- Saharan Africa (e.g. ET Cargo Center)
• LSCM knowledge transfer to professionals
• Implementation and strengthening of LSCM university education

One of the activities that IHM will be undertaking as part of addressing these challenges is to organize a series of 3 – 5-day seminars for 20-30 participants, with each seminar addressing a critical LSCM issue.

After the seminar, an MOU was signed by Prof. Izael Da Silva on behalf of Strathmore University while Dr. Andre Kreie signed on behalf of Kuehne Foundation to mark the official commencement of the collaboration.

For more information regarding the upcoming seminars, kindly contact Sylvia Anyika through or Brenda Bunyasi through

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