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Kenya’s First Strength Finder Coach

  May 19, 2017

Strathmore Business School’s senior faculty and Tanzania regional academy academic director, Mrs. Irene Kinuthia, becomes the first in Kenya and fifth in Africa to be awarded the prestigious Strength Finder Coach certification.

“It takes several steps to be awarded this certification. Other than the training, one should demonstrate the capability of being an executive coach by successfully coaching a certain number of clients. “It has not been easy but with the support the business school has provided me as well as my family, I thank God that I qualified to be awarded the certification.” Says Irene.

A certified strengths coach supports individuals to use the strength finder assessment report to understand how best they can maximize on their strengths for results delivery. When coaching a team, the coach maps various strengths of the team members on a grid to reveal to the team their competitive edge as well as any gaps they have when executing their strategy. This style of coaching also allows people to create powerful partnerships.

The strength finder assessment is based on 4 decades of research on human talents and how they relate to performance. The assessment seeks to answer the following question:  What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them.

The strengths finder assessment lists one’s themes of talent from the most dominant to the least dominant.  The tool is so accurate that the chances of anyone else in the world having the same themes of talent in the same order as another person are 1 in 33million. An individual has such unique value!

There are over 15million people who have done the strengths finder assessment around the world and several thousands certified strengths coaches.  The certified coaches are listed on the Coaching Directory on Gallup Strengths Center

About Irene Kinuthia

Irene is passionate about executive coaching. Her areas of focus are in building and leading effective teams, work life balance, employee engagement, personal leadership and strategy execution. She initiated and set up the now vibrant Transformational Leadership Coaching at Strathmore Business School. She has undertaken several trainings including the International Professional Coach (TPS, UK) and Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (CRR Global, SA). She has coached numerous executives and teams in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Click here to read her full profile.

About Strathmore Business School Coaching

Coaching at Strathmore Business School focuses on increasing performance and delivering proven results, by simply supporting executives and teams translate knowledge into action. It directly promotes the Business School’s drive towards true transformation of leaders and organizations, through virtue. Click here to read more about coaching at Strathmore Business School.

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