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Industry Legend Manu Chandaria on the Secrets of Entrepreneurship

  Nov 18, 2016

His indisputable craftsmanship to the industry has privileged him with many honorary awards, among them, the Elder of the Burning Spear by former president, Mwai Kibaki, one of the highest civilian honors in Kenya. Speaking to the Masters in Business Administration Healthcare Management Program students on Entrepreneurship, Manu Chandaria revealed his best practices which have been instrumental to his success.

Born and raised in Kenya by a family of merchants: An educationist and a peace maker whose humanitarian work is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi; Manu Chandaria’s legendary industrialism springs from great citizenship.

As a young man studying in India in the 1940s, Manu Chandaria up held Gandhi’s movement practice during the revolutionary British Quit India Movement in 1942. Living in such interesting times, he mentioned how his involvement in the movement honed both his leadership and personal discipline to achieve success.

The great solidarity he had witnessed made evident that true citizenship for one’s country emanates from a life of sacrifice to see through a common goal. “Entrepreneurs must always be guided by the service they are offering their country. How can they take ownership of the challenges facing the country and innovatively provide solutions? Talents and personal development can only provide optimal results when they are utilized to serve a greater purpose.”

Chandaria took the audience through his daily organizational structure with absolute detail and keenness, with which he mentioned is the organizational focus one has to exhibit in building a successful enterprise.

“An organized mind has the capability to stay focused to the set goal. Unless you plan, all you will do will be chasing small projects in futility. Entrepreneurship should be in sequence; find out how you can work better, improve and boost efficiency to achieve maximum results.”

What does it take to build a successful business amidst numerous challenges? “Great ownership of the business, victories and challenges,” answered Chandaria. Building a strong workforce where every member of the organization is aware of their role and participation towards the successes of the organization does not only motivate the employees, but also hands them power to positively influence and contribute to the growth of the organization.”

Giving has also been one of the crucial pillars in the growth of Chandaria Group of Industries. “Opening the doors for giving back was one of the ways to make ourselves accountable for what we had reaped from the society. Chandaria foundation is one of the oldest foundations in Kenya, with an influence spanning to over 500 granted scholarships. In everything that you do, you must become a giver.”

How then can the country change the current turbulent times which are greatly spanned by corruption? “Cleaning up is the only way to start building up.” Concluded his session.

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