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Inaugural MBA HCM Class Learn Management from Hospital Tours

  Aug 7, 2013

The inaugural MBA in Healthcare Management students visited Kiambu District Hospital, Avenue Hospital and Karura Dispensary as part of their orientation program on Thursday 1st August 2013. The aim of the visit was to learn how different health facilities are managed.

The Medical Superintendent, in charge of managing Kiambu District Hopsital, Dr. David Kariuki, explained the mission of the hospital, which is to provide quality medical care to all citizens. The hospital has a capacity of 265 beds but is in the process of adding 90 beds to increase the capacity. The hospital sees an average of 700 patients per day, admitting about 30 patients excluding the maternity wing. The hospital has a total of 450 staff members half of whom are nurses, 40 doctors, 25 clinical officers and seven physiotherapists.

The hospital offers both inpatient and outpatient services and has two operating theatres, though plans are underway to add two more theatres.

Dr. Kariuki named capacity, technology and finances as some of the challenges the hospital faces. The facilities of the hospital at times are stretched because the patients admitted are more than the capacity. This is however addressed by ensuring the clinicians review the condition of the patients regularly so that they can leave in good time.

In terms of technology, the hospital is upgrading its infrastructure to be able to cater for electronic systems. Currently, 80% of the records are electronic.

The students all professionals in the medical field were able to learn, understand and equate the systems and management processes of the various healthcare institutions to their own.

The SBS MBA in Healthcare Management program aims to equip managers with relevant skills for leading and managing the various facets and challenges that confront professional hospital and clinic managers, managers of NGO and faith-based health providers, and professionals in the emerging insurance, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Students who graduate with an MBA in Healthcare Management will have the academic grounding needed to move throughout health-related industries at different junctures of their career, and more importantly, will have life-long skills to respond to the fundamental changes that characterize African health care.

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