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IESE MBA Students take Retail Tour

  Jan 20, 2015

Doing Business in Africa is one of the programs on the MBA portfolio of Strathmore Business School (SBS). It provides participants with a unique exposure to the African continent. It gives them the practical skills and knowledge required to successfully operate and grow a business on the African continent. The program is delivered through a well-developed curriculum which includes case studies, lectures, retail tours, syndicate group discussions and sessions with industry guests.

On Tuesday, 13th January 2015, MBA students from IESE, one of the best business schools in the world and the key partner of Strathmore Business School, who are doing the program for two weeks at SBS, took a retail tour to a local street market and three nearby supermarkets.

They toured the market in small groups, guided by staff members from SBS. From stall to stall, they inquired about prices and quantities of goods. They also interviewed some of the sellers about the history of the market. Some learnt to bargain, and others bought some items.

Giovanni Mazzacani, who is a Research Assistant to Prof. Alejandro Lago, the IESE MBA Academic Director, was thrilled to interview one of the buyers at the market, who seemed relatively well-off. From the interview, Giovanni learnt that customer loyalty and age, not just economic well-being, also determine the type of clientele which frequents Kenyan ‘street markets’. “That was the ‘gem’ of all interviews,” he said.

From the Market, the students split into three groups, each group went to a different supermarket. The aim of this was to compare the prices and mode of presentation of goods in the supermarkets with those in the local market.
For Eduard, a student from Chicago, the supermarket visit also provided an opportunity to sample local products, buy a few and compare Kenyan supermarkets with those back home.

To learn more about the Doing Business in Africa Program, click here

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