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IESE MBA Student Shares Experience of Doing Business in Africa

  Apr 4, 2013

Henning Tielker, an MBA student at IESE Business School shared his experience with Handelsblatt, a leading German business newspaper on the Doing Business in Africa module which was held at Strathmore Business School in the beginning of the year.

Henning was part of a group of over 30 MBA students from IESE Business School who visited Strathmore Business School to get insights into what doing business in Africa involves and the challenges facing Kenyan businesses.

The module involved a week of lectures from a seasoned pool of faculty at SBS and a week of experience working with a Kenyan company. Henning worked at Inter consumer Products Limited, a leading manufacturer of beauty products in the region. He and his fellow students got the chance to analyse the finances and budget, plan tasks and gave recommendations to the company on their findings. He states that the experience garnered in Kenya was invaluable and has changed his view of the African continent.

“I now know there is a difference between countries economically and culturally,” said Henning. “During a negotiation exercise with students from Strathmore business school, it was amazing how much the Kenyan culture came to play. We are always very straight forward but Kenyans were more set on politeness and the formation of interpersonal relationships before they got down to business,” He concluded.

Doing business in Africa is becoming increasingly popular among international business schools. Currently, IESE Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business have visited Strathmore Business School to gain insights on the business environment in Africa.

Source: Handelsblatt

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