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How Executive Coaching Transformed Me

  Feb 14, 2020

Imagine spending your entire life on earth without unlocking your full potential. Well, this is entirely possible through coaching. When I was joining Strathmore University Business School for the 1st module of the Executive Coaching for Managers Programme, I knew coaching is all about being mentored and advised on what I’m supposed to do to excel, especially on what I do for a living.

To my surprise, that was not the case. Coaching was focusing mainly on me as an individual, a leader, manager, businessman, employer, employee, parent, and many more. Before I began the coaching program, I had passionate issues, which were difficult for me to make decisions on, due to fear and mixed reactions on the outcome. One of the activities in the Executive Coaching Programme was to be individually coached by experienced International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited coaches cum trainers. Out of these coaching sessions, I was able to make the hard decisions in my life, which I was struggling to make before the coaching sessions.

Coaching leads to self-discovery. Initially, I used to be a poor listener, and this affected the outcome during meetings. The active listening skill has made me able to allow a coach to vent or clear a situation without judgment or attachment, which allows the affected person to provide full information on the case in question. Talk about powerful questioning; through powerful questions emanating from active listening of my coach, I was able to find out and understand my situation, which needed change. The list is endless on my transformational experience that coaching has done in my life.

Through the strength finder test, I was able to know my strengths and weaknesses and was ready to be taken through on how to handle different issues one at a time. We tend to push to achieve many things at once, be it at our place of work or in our private life. But through coaching, I’m able to plan, set targets, review, and set the next goal once at a time.

Research indicates that coaching has proven to be over 60% more effective than formal training in improving performance. Training alone can increase productivity by 22.4%, delivering a total of 88% improvement when combined with coaching. As a certified executive coach, I’m able to use coaching concepts to assist coaches and organizations in achieving their maximum in what they do at work and in their lives. Thank you, Strathmore University Business School.

-Dr. Paul A. Jilani, Certified ICF Executive Coach & a Global Supply Chain Expert-

The May intake for the Executive Coaching for Managers Programme is ongoing, register here

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