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Half Time Drill

  Sep 15, 2011

‘The second half of life is the time to self-analyze, make adjustments, stick with a plan, keep moving forward, and never give in to the temptation to relax or quit.’ Bob Buford.

Bob Buford, a bestselling author and motivator writes that an ideal and purposeful second half; (the stage that many people reach where they become more aware of their life, where it is going and where they want it to change) is one where work, meaning and happiness merge, and readers can be fully engaged in activities that match their skills, capacity, and mission. (Source: Stuck in Halftime)

He argues that the first half of one’s life is a quest for success usually spent by earning and learning while the second is a quest for significance spent by gaining and getting. What then happens during the transition from one’s first half to the second half of life?

Constance Gakonyo – Executive Director of REAL Insurance gave a session to the Senior Managers Leadership Program (SMLP) participants at SBS on the 13th September about on her experiences in the leadership journey.

She begun by asking the SMLP participants to recount their five-year vision and the steps they will take in order to achieve them. “We all have great dreams and plans but more so often, they are lost along the way,” she said.

Constance advised on some of the steps one can take to ensure that they reach where they want to be during and after half time.

  • Have self knowledge and be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and appreciate them.
  • Discover your natural gifts and pursue them with passion.
  • Learn conflict resolution and negotiation skills.
  • Develop resilience to face risks.
  • Accept and appreciate differences in opinions.
  • Work hard and evaluate your performance.
  • Organisations hold strategy meetings to plan ahead. Similarly, have a strategy session with yourself to check where you are now and where you want to be. Set your sights on your goals and make your life a meaningful one.

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    About SMLP

    This program integrates key management concepts and best practices to develop strategic thinking and leadership skills as well as an integrated view of the business landscape in relations to the market dynamics. It offers a transformational learning experience that prepares the senior executive to assume responsibilities at the highest level as they lead their companies and institutions to achieve sustainable competitive edge.

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