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Geoffrey Otieno: Why Having a Vision is Key for New Managers

  Aug 21, 2015

Many of whom are familiar with Jim Ovia’s banking and telecommunications company empire, describe him as a man who stands out for his visionary streak, symbolized by one of the most iconic structures on the Victoria Island Skyline. Ovia, the king of Zeneth Bank and Visafone telecommunications- Nigeria, exemplifies great passion amidst an ardent eye on making best of opportunities, as well as foresight.

All this is sound for Geoffrey Otieno, Founder and Managing Director Enreal, who exudes similar traits as Ovia. Well travelled and a veteran of doing business across the globe, Geoffrey bears testament to the prospective talents as well as impeding turbulence which newly appointed managers possess and face. Following his extensive career serving at various managerial posts and directorship, his fulfilling career in its longevity has seen him grab reputable standards such as the first African Blue Chip Director at Nokia, at the age of 38 years, amidst working for various multi-national companies such as Kodak Limited and Microsoft, Corporation. Geoffrey is also the business strategist and coach for Stanford University. Speaking during the New Managers Leadership Program class of 2015 wrap-up session, Geoffrey was sure to spread wisdom.

For 27 year old young Geoffrey Otieno, being thrown into the managerial deep blue sea, was the boost he needed to propel him to the epitome of his career. At a young age, Geoffrey knew what a good plan necessitated: Discipline. “Growing up from a humble background, I realized that education was my saving grace and hence, I had to choose a path which would favor my dreams,” he said.

Cutting Edge

Strong family ties: Family, the basic unit of any form of socialization acts as a base in the formation of character and even nurtures traits fundamental for ones growth. Geoffrey acknowledged the role his family played in acting as a spring board, through which his leadership and managerial skills were formed.

Academic and Professional growth was paramount. Enhancing ones academic growth impels ones thinking by giving a broader perspective to concepts and a different outlook on various issues. “We must also welcome professional growth in our careers by giving room to mentorship, coaching and other such like interventions. When we chose to learn from our leaders, and people of influence in our various career paths, we welcome development. ” he advised. Involving bosses or superiors in ones career, transforms the nature of the workplace from a top to bottom send out of orders, into a cohesive collaboration between colleagues, which is much more propounding.

Working for multi-national companies poised cultural challenges as well as language barrier, and an imbalanced work and social life. As the adage maxim from the good books says, “The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but the Lord test the heart,” Geoffrey bears witness to the trying times in his career life, phases he terms as fulfilling and endearing highlights for his triumphs.

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